Becky’s doing more running for the BADth Charity!

“After doing the Paris Marathon in April 2019, I set myself another challenge –

A Double Marathon!!!

Yes, that’s correct! I’ll be doing a marathon on Saturday 27th July and then getting up the morning of Sunday 28th July and doing another one!

I will definitely need some motivation though. So some spare change to the British Associations Of Dramatherapists’ Charity should do it!”

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PRESS RELEASE – 19 June 2019


The British Association of Dramatherapists’ Charity (BADth Charity) is delighted to announce the recipients of its first ever research grant are Dramatherapists Sarah Buxton and Rebecca Morley of Inspirative Arts Community Interest Company in Derby.

The grant of £1,974 will be used for a small-scale research study investigating the impact of Dramatherapy on the school attainment of teenagers who have a learning disability and experience depression.  The study will look at teenagers in both SEN and mainstream schools, thereby considering both the Dramatherapy intervention, and the context in which it is applied.

Sarah Buxton, one of the researchers, explained ‘Mental health in schools is a very topical subject.  As Dramatherapists, we know the value of our work in education settings, and this research may offer solid evidence of the causal link between learning disabilities, mental health and academic attainment – and how Dramatherapy may have a part to play in shaping future provision in schools. Rebecca and I are delighted to be the recipients of the BADth Charity’s first ever research grant’.

The acting Chair of Trustees of the BADth Charity, Jonathan Hirst, added ‘the Trustees are pleased to be awarding the charity’s first research grant to such an interesting and pertinent project.  Dramatherapy is a relatively unfamiliar, but wonderfully effective therapeutic approach and the more solid research there is that supports our practice, the better’.

Contact details for enquiries about this grant and project

Sarah Buxton & Rebecca Morley, Inspirative Arts Community Interest Company 01332 208 706

Jonathan Hirst, Acting Chair, BADth Charity 07837 079230

Contact details for general enquiries about Dramatherapy


The BADth Charity is pleased and proud to  announce new available grants to provide  Dramatherapy services.

Two grants of £6,000 and £3,000 are now open for applications.

For further details and application form, please visit our current grants page



The British Association of Dramatherapists’ Charity (BADth Charity) is delighted to announce its first ever grant will be awarded to Cancer Lifeline South West.

The grant of £5,030 will be used by Cancer Lifeline South West to employ a Dramatherapist to run 4 Dramatherapy groups for the primary supporters and carers, and children, of people with a non-terminal diagnosis whose cancer treatment has ended.

Lisa Lea-Weston, Trustee of the Devon-based charity, explained ‘The impact of a cancer diagnosis, not just on the patient, but also on their family, is enormous, even once treatment is over – and only just being fully acknowledged by medical professionals.  This grant will enable us to have a direct impact on the lives and wellbeing of up to 24 families.  It is a bonus and an honour to be the recipients of the BADth Charity’s grant’.

The Chair of Trustees of the BADth Charity, Madeline Andersen-Warren, added ‘We have worked long and hard to establish the BADth Charity and to raise sufficient funds to be in the position to award our first grant and we are thrilled to be supporting Cancer Lifeline South West in offering this valuable project.  Not only is the work of this charity something we are pleased to support, but we also hope our funding of this and future work and research in the field of Dramatherapy, raises the profile of this relatively unfamiliar, but wonderfully effective, therapeutic approach’.