BADth Charity frequently asked questions:

Who do you give money to?

The charity provides:

  1. Specific grants to charitable or other non-profit-making organisations for designated Dramatherapy services;
  2. Specific grants for Dramatherapy research. We don’t award money for any other purpose.   Grants are announced on our website when they become available.

Is The British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth) a charity now?

No! BADth remains a company limited by guarantee, funded by its membership. The BADth Charity is a charitable trust, separate from the Association, with separate and specific aims registered with the Charity Commission. Clearly there is a strong connection between the two and BADth supports the charity in many ways … but we are separate.

Can agencies from Scotland and Northern Ireland apply for grants?

Yes. Our charity registration is for England and Wales but the only restrictions on applications for grants is that they meet the criteria of the grant being offered and are in line with the charity’s aims.

Can individuals apply for grants to provide Dramatherapy services?

No. We only consider applications from charitable or other non-profit-making organisations when a specific grant is announced.

Are the BADth Charity and the BADth trust funds the same thing?

No. The trust funds are overseen by the BADth executive via a subcommittee and are not part of the charity. For more information about them go to the members’ area of the BADth website: badth.org.uk.

If I have a question about the charity or need more information, where do I go?

Contact us on badthcharity@outlook.com