The trustees of The British Association of Dramatherapists’ Charity would like to pay tribute to the massive contribution by Madeline Andersen-Warren who has decided to step down as a trustee after ten years’ service.

Madeline has been the rock upon which the charity has been built and has been instrumental in guiding us through the often difficult years leading up to our registration in 2016, to the current situation where we have been able to fund four much-needed grants in Dramatherapy research and services.

Madeline has always been keen to remind us how important even the smallest fund-raising contributions have helped us reach our goals, and has herself raised hundreds of pounds over the years.

She intends to carry on with this.

Thank you so much, Madeline. You will be hugely missed!

Jonathan Hirst, Kate Lewis, Kayle McCoy (BADth Charity Trustees)