Past Grants

How our grants have helped:  

CANCER LIFELINE SOUTH WEST, Devon. Grant awarded: £5,030.

Cancer Lifeline South West would like to say how grateful we were for the grant from the BADth charity. We were able to provide groups to people who are forgotten and do not receive a service traditionally, of support in the NHS when there is a cancer diagnosis.

We supported children/teens who were in a family where there was a diagnosis of cancer. Stories were shared through art, music, drama games and personal stories were able to be shared.

We also provided a creative, expressive and supportive group to adults who were friends/partners of someone with cancer. A group of people who carry so much of the fear and the practical but are often invisible.

We managed all this through Covid and this furthered the creative response. It meant that CLSW were able to provide this valuable connection throughout the pandemic, reducing isolation and helping us meet our charitable goals.


INSPIRATIVE ARTS, Derby. Grant awarded: £1,974.         

Pre-covid, we were successful in securing funding from the BADth Charity to provide Dramatherapy interventions for young people. However, at a time of collective trauma and global change we were supported by the BADth charity to adapt our proposed research project, which enabled us to explore new ways of working remotely as Dramatherapists.  Our ability to adapt our approach to Dramatherapy allowed us to reflect on the need for greater inclusivity and widening access to arts-based psychotherapies. We were able to identify barriers and ways of overcoming these which has subsequently fed into our post-covid practice. Funding also enabled us to publish our findings in the Dramatherapy journal, allowing us to further disseminate our learning and support a new age of working as Dramatherapists.


MINDHEART, London. Grant awarded: £6,000 (match-funded).   

The Grant awarded from the BADth Charity enabled 18 CYP to receive much needed timely support for their social and emotional wellbeing in a Lambeth Secondary School. CYP’s engagement in therapy not only helped them to increase their wellbeing overall, but also helped them with their engagement in their learning. This opportunity also enabled the Newly Qualified Therapist to increase her clinical confidence through a supportive and growthful experience.

As a result of this successful project, this School has chosen to commit to another year of MINDHEART Dramatherapy during the academic year 2022 and 2023.


HEADWAY, Nottingham. Grant awarded: £6,000.

The Dramatherapy project really has been the jewel in our remote support and provision: everyone is expressing how incredibly valuable the project has been to them.

One participant, who experiences physical as well as cognitive challenges explained that the sessions have helped them remain focussed enough to cope with lockdown restrictions and felt much more positive and motivated as sessions have progressed.

Participants have also expressed how sad they are that the project is coming to an end. We have reassured them that continuation of Dramatherapy is a priority for us in terms of securing funding.

Kathy (Akers) has supported all participants to reflect on their time throughout the project. Each person, including one member who has experienced severe mental health challenges was able to reflect on what they have found difficult, but also what they enjoyed or found empowering.

Everyone expressed that the sessions have been a lifeline and they have really enjoyed the work despite the inability to be face-to-face.  We’re in the process of completing our final report and I hope you’re all as pleased with the outcomes as we have been!